MCI - Marketing Research and Consumer Insight

Understanding Your Market
- How to Adapt Your Business Facing Todays Market Challenges

MARS offers a comprehensive method -- Marketing Research Analysis and Consumer Insight -- to provide a valuable knowledge for client's market.

MARS executes the research project with accurate and reliable data through efficient and effective execution.

MARS fills your company needs of marketing and consumer expolration. Company will be able to achieve maximum benefit from financial profit and win the competitive advantages among competitors.

Marketing Research & Consumer Insight

Brand Research
  • Brand Equity Research
  • Brand tracking
  • Ad tracking
  • Advertising Research
  • Copy Testing (ad’s flow of attention and flow of emotion)
  • Distribution Channel research
  • Store Audit
Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
  • Positioning Research
  • Segmentation Research
Demand & Sales
  • Demand Estimation
  • Sales Forecasting
Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Research
  • Service Quality monitoring through Mystery Shopping
  • Price Elasticity Testing
  • Price Acceptance Testing
  • Brand/Price Trade Off (BPTO)
  • Concept Testing
  • Test Marketing (sniff, taste, touch)
MARS develops aware methodology for specific research services:
  1. MARS-CSL™ - Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Survey
  2. MARS-PRICE™ - Pricing Research
  3. SHIPES™ - Stakeholder Image, Perception & Expectation Survey
  4. BPPA™ - Business Performance & Projection Analysis
  5. BPT™ - Brand Performance Tracking
  6. MARS- SQM™ -Service Quality Monitoring
  7. DAF™ - Demand Analysis & Forecast