Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA)

What is IBBA?

IBBA is a professional award for the best brands in each product category.  Brand valuation is based on consumer research that is randomly selected to represent the population,  so it can be said that the IBBA is an ultimate recognition from consumers to the brand in the market.

There are three categories of awards in IBBA:

  • BEST BRAND: Indonesian Best Brand Award is awarded to the brands that one or two times to be the best, or more than two times but not in consecutive year.
  • GOLDEN BRAND: Indonesia Best Brand Golden Award is awarded to the brands that get the Best Brand Award for 3 years in a row.
  • PLATINUM BRAND: Indonesian Best Brand Platinum Award is awarded to brands that get the Best Brand Award for 5 years in a row.

The Importance of IBBA for Consumer

For consumers, IBBA is a guide to choose the best brand of many brands in the market. By choosing a brand that gets IBBA means consumers have chosen the best brand and will avoid various risks. The brand role for consumer are:

  • Risk reducer
  • Search cost reducer
  • Promise, bond or pack with maker of product
  • Signal of quality

The Importance of IBBA for Brand Owner

IBBA is very important for owners and managers of the brand because it is a form of consumer recognition that the brand is the best one in product categories in which they are located.

By placing IBBA logos in each exposure, the owners or managers of the brand do not need to claim that their brand is the best product, but it was obtained from the consumers themselves.

More than 15 Years

IBBA has been going on since 2002 (13 years), while the research on the brand itself has been made since 1995. Prior called Indonesian Best Brand Award in 2002, the appreciation of this best brand name was The Most Valuable Brand. 

Giving awards consistently over the past 13 years offers many lessons and findings that can be used as very meaningful input to the business people in Indonesia, both of which have recently developed a brand and that has long been the player.

Research, Publication & Event

IBBA consists of three programs: Research, Publications and Awards. Research is conducted by MARS Indonesia, while technical publication is held by SWA Magazine and wider publicity carried out by Metro TV, and the award ceremonial jointly conducted by MARS - SWA and Metro TV.

Robust Theoretical Model

The research that has been done over 15 years makes the models used in the assessment of this brand has been very well tested and statistically robust.

The variables used to assess Brand Performance Index is based on five variables as follows:

  • Brand Popularity
  • Brand Quality
  • Brand Share
  • Brand Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Brand CAP (Consumer Acquisition Power)

Brand Performance Tracking Report

In addition to the limited publication on SWA Magazine (each year), the research results in more detailed analysis is also published by MARS Indonesia. The publication title is BRAND PERFORMANCE TRACKING with the contents as follows:

  1. Product Penetration & Consumer Profile
  2. Market Player & Market Share
  3. Brand Performance
    • Brand Performance Index
    • Brand Popularity
    • Brand Quality
    • Brand Share
    • Brand Satisfaction & Loyalty
    • Brand CAP (Consumer Acquisition Power) Projections
    • Inter-Brand Competition in Indonesia
  4. Recommendations to improve the brand's performance (optional)

Research Methodology

Research Design:  Descriptive research

Data Collection:  Face to face interview with structured questionaire

Sample size:  2.619 household products and 2.662 personal products

Margin of Error:  1.91%

Sample & Cities: