Research is a reliable scientific approach
to seek alternative solutions
and produce a comprehensive map
for the journey to solve the problem

Asto Subroto


Asto Subroto is a Marketing PhD from the University of Indonesia with a background of Statistics and International Management. In addition to being CEO of MARS, Asto is a lecturer, writer, analyst and public speaker in the areas of marketing, communications and brand management.

Long experiences in the field of research and dealing with clients from various industries to ensure that research is the key to the success of the company ahead of the competition. Innovation plus strong research will result in a successful product in the market and be able to win the competition.

Through MARS, asto believes that the data which processed into information will become knowledge and ultimately provide an alternative solution that is appropriate for decision making. Research will not be a guarantee for success of companies/products in the market, but it will reduce the risk from variables that can be taken into account.

According to Asto, research is not only a collection of data that is then processed produce information, but it is a scientific process which aims to address problems. Therefore, a business researcher is required not only to master the method, but also a deep understanding of the industry, competition, environment (technology, government, economics, politics) and also management of the company as a whole. From this expertise to produce smart solutions and strategic for the company.